Lionel Messi is the best player in football history

Lionel Messi can be said to have not run out, even though his age is currently 32 years old, in terms of performance and statistics there seems to be nothing less than this Barcelona’s mega star. Many consider La Pulga to be the best player of all time, where this assumption is also told by former Celta Vigo player, Aleksandr Mostovoi. Johan Cruyff, Maradona and others are not equal to Messi, and according to him there is no player who can stop the movement of La Pulga.

As is known, for the past decade, Lionel Messi has indeed succeeded in becoming the world’s best player along with his rival, Cristiano Ronaldo with each of them having won 5 awards as the world’s best player. But in the last two seasons, many have judged that Lionel Messi has lost his magic to make people feel amazed, his movements have also begun to be easily guessed by opposing players.

But, according to Aleksandr Mostovoi, who regards Messi as an unstoppable player, no player can stop the movement of the 32-year-old star. In fact, according to Mostovoi, the quality of Johan Cruyff or Diego Maradona is still inferior to La Pulga, because according to him Lionel Messi is the best player in football history.

“Nothing can stop Messi, he’s the best of all time. Messi repeated his top performance for ten years. “Many compare it to Diego Maradona or Johan Cruyff, but for me it’s very clear, Messi is the best in history.”

Messi himself failed in the 2018 Ballon d’Or competition this year, even though his name was not included in the top 3 candidates who were then won by midfielder Luka Modric. Mostovoi said that Ballon D’Or voters had made a mistake, and wondered why the player who scored many goals and assists would not be included in the top three candidates.

“I don’t understand how players who scored 7 goals can be chosen as the best in the world. Modric is great but as long as Messi and Ronaldo are still circulating, it’s very difficult to explain how someone can get past them. It can’t be explained how players who score 50 goals and many assists are not even in the top three. “

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