Lionel Messi no need to rest

Lionel Messi is indeed phenomenal, according to the assumption of Eibar’s coach, Jose Mendilibar. In fact, he considered Messi did not need time to rest, because even during the match La Pulga could rest as he pleased.

Barcelona is really relying on the figure of Lionel Messi on the front lines, perhaps counted since his debut in the senior team in 2004. Year after year, Messi continues to grow. Now, the player’s performance looks more mature than before.

Before dealing with Napoli in the European Champions League, Barca will first face Eibar in the Spanish La Liga, Saturday tomorrow (22/02). There was speculation that claimed that coach Quique Setien might not play Messi in tomorrow’s match.

The goal, so that the Captain can rest longer, prepare himself better for the big match against Napoli. However, this speculation is not trusted by Eibar coach, Mendilibar. This is because he feels a player like Messi doesn’t need a break at all.

Not without purpose, Mendilibar assesses that Lionel Messi’s current playing style is not tiring, not much has passed but is very effective. Now, Messi can wait for the ball to come, move a little thrust the ball to a teammate, and even create opportunities for himself.

“I’m not sure Messi needs to rest. B * bitch is resting in the match. He knows when to participate, when to rest. If he is asked to take a day off, he will be frustrated having to see the match from the bench and even more easily tired,” Thus according to Mendilibar to Marca.

Mendilibar is very familiar with how to play Messi now, more effectively without much movement. He really remembers how the match against Barcelona when he was still handling Osasuna.

“I remember when I was working at Osasuna, we were against Barcelona at Camp Nou. The morning before the match, he was claimed to not be able to play due to stomach pain and fever. After lunch, he was summoned, sitting on the bench.

Before Messi played, we were two goals behind, and suddenly I saw him warm up. Then he entered, managed to score two other goals, we then lost 0-4,” he said.

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