Lionel Messi refuses Cristiano Ronaldo’s challenge to play in Italy

The popularity of Lionel Messi can be said to have increased rapidly, since the arrival of Portuguese mega star, Cristiano Ronaldo in La Liga with Real Madrid during the 2009-2018 period, and vice versa. No wonder, Ronaldo, who has moved to Italian Serie A in the summer, sent a challenge to Messi to take part in a career at Italy. Unfortunately, the Argentine mega star refused Ronaldo’s offer, because he felt there was no need for a change in his career.

In the past decade or so, there is no denying the fact that football is just a matter of two players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. These two players won the Ballon d’Or trophy, a.k.a the world’s best player trophy in the last decade. The meeting of the these two in the Spanish La Liga event over the past nine years has further increased the popularity of both players.

Not only that, it must be admitted that the popularity of Spanish La Liga itself has also increased rapidly, especially the El Clasico match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, which at least took place twice in one season. Unfortunately, La Liga and El Clasico are certainly not as usual following the decision of Cristiano Ronaldo to leave Real Madrid in the last summer transfer market to join the Italian Serie A giants, Juventus.

Yes, the Portuguese Mega star decided to leave Juventus, and when asked about his rivalry with Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo himself challenged the Argentine star to come to Italy and continue his rivalry in the Italian Serie A. Unfortunately, Messi was not interested in answering the challenge, because he felt there was no need for a change in his career, which he felt was extraordinary with Barcelona.

“Accepting Ronaldo’s challenge to join Italian football? I don’t need a change. I am in the best team in the world. My challenge is updated year after year. I don’t need to change teams or leagues to set new targets. I am at home and I don’t need a change,” he told Marca.

Messi has scored 21 goals and created 13 assists in 20 appearances for Barca this season. The expression is automatically a rejection for Inter Milan, who was later trusted to hunt down Messi.

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