Lionel Messi replaced CR7 in PES 2020

Speaking of who is superior by comparison between Barcelona’s mega stars, Lionel Messi and Juventus’ new star, Cristiano Ronaldo continues. Endless with the real world in the field of football, now the comparison is re-occurring and precisely in the virtual world of soccer.

These two great historical figures of the football world are indeed very interesting to discuss, and sometimes bring quite a number of comments. This was proven when Messi was still better than Ronaldo in matters of the PES 2020 eFootball rating (a soccer game that is so popular).

According to a survey agency whose source is unknown, stated that Messi got the most ratings with a score of 95, while Ronaldo was only 94. If analyzing from the previous results, the difference was very visible with the calculation results in PES 2019 beforehand, where Messi and Ronaldo both received a value of 94.

Now this change is seen, where PES 2020 ensures stamina and headings are down to 65, which is not Messi’s header in scoring goals with Barcelona and the Argentine national team. The changes that are noticeable here are in Ronaldo’s camp.

Ronaldo underwent such a big change at PES 2020, where the captain and legend of the Portuguese national team experienced a decrease in value in terms of set piece and speed. So if you compare the two in the real world now, Messi is arguably better than CR7 (Ronaldo’s nickname).

The 2018-2019 season left a sweet impression for Messi, where he successfully contributed 51 goals and 22 assists in 50 matches with Barcelona in all competitions. On the other hand, Ronaldo recorded 43 appearances with Juventus with 28 goals and 10 assists in all competitions.

The emergence of these statistics has both positive and negative effects as can be seen from the reactions of many fans from both camps. The rating is only in the PES 2020 demo, and can still change before Konami officially releases PES 2020.

The plan is that the new eFootball PES 2020 will be available on September 10, 2019, and lovers of the Pro Evolution Soccer video game can already try the PES 2020 demo from now on. If the outline is drawn, the comparison between Messi and Ronaldo will be endless, and it can be balanced that both are equally phenomenal in the history of football today.

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