Lionel Messi sets another new record in La Liga

The record and Lionel Messi seemed to be two things that are almost inseparable. The reason, the Mega Star Argentian often set new records, including the recent action in the match against Real Valladolid which set a new record.

As is known, Barcelona are dealing with Real Valladolid in the Spanish La Liga continued on Sunday at dawn yesterday (12/07). Catalan giants managed to win with a thin score of 1-0, but Messi did not manage to register his name on the scoreboard.

The only goal that was created in the match was Arturo Vidal’s goal, but Messi also contributed through his notched assist for the goal.

The fact that one assist was recorded by Messi in the match was the 20th time in the Spanish La Liga event. The 32-year-old has already scored 22 goals and 20 assists, where his assist record set a new record.

With these additions, Messi became the first player to collect 20 Assists in the La Liga season in a season. The last time the nick was recorded Xavi Hernandes in the 2008/09 season ago.

What distinguishes Messi from Xavi is the score, in other words the Argentine mega star is the only player to score 20 goals and 20 assists simultaneously in one La Liga season.

For the size of five major European leagues, Messi is the second player to record 20 goals and 20 assists in one season.

The first player to do so was Thierry Henry, whose record was won by a French legend in the 2002/03 season while defending Arsenal with details of 24 goals and 20 assists.

With a score of 20 goals as well, the player nicknamed La Pulga now leads the list of top scorers while the Spanish La Liga, 4 goals ahead of Luis Suarez.

In a way, Messi produced one of the best performances of his career this season. Unfortunately, he was busy talking about because of rumors that said that he would leave Barcelona.

Based on rumors that have been heard, Lionel Messi has rejected the offer of a new contract extension from Barcelona. The player is claimed to be disappointed with the club’s leadership lately, which has led to a number of disappointing results.

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