Lionel Messi, the king of football

Last weekend, the world of football had been shocked by the excitement shown by Watford player Gerard Deulofeu. Where the Spanish-born player was able to score a hat trick for his team when dealing with Cardiff City in the English Premier League continued yesterday.

For this achievement, Deulofeu calls himself king. However, he was even more surprised when he saw what Lionel Messi had done had made him feel small. It’s true that Messi became the leader in the final kick, where Messi also scored a hat trick against Sevilla and helped Barca win 4-2.

The three goals were successfully brushed aside all responses that Messi has been eaten by age due to proven fasting goals in the last few matches. Referring to this, Deulofeu has also witnessed firsthand how the greatness of Messi on the field.

Deulofeu is actually not a stranger to Messi, who both worked together when playing for Barcelona. But unfortunately, the period had ended and only lasted a short time because Deulofeu chose to travel to other clubs such as the Italian Serie A, and now with the English Premier League club.

Now Messi is preparing to help Barcelona in a crucial week. Where Barca will face Madrid twice, first they will compete in the Copa Del Rey Semi Final, and the second will occur in the Spanish La Liga match on week 27.

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