Lionel Messi went for second honeymoon trip

Lionel Messi has returned with the Barcelona squad that is training in preparation for welcoming the Spanish La Liga 2019-2020. In the process of his vacation, Messi is one of the players who get a longer holiday than other players.

A little longer vacation is indeed deserved by Messi as he joined the Argentine national team in the Copa America 2019 after stopping in the semifinal. This failure was a consideration for Barcelona to provide an extension of Messi’s holiday.

Remember with all the processes that went through the past season, then vacation is one of the best ways to clear his mind. In this moment, Messi brought his sexy wife, Antonella Roccuzzo and their three children, Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro, to vacation in Jumby Bay, Caribbean Islands.

If we dissect more deeply about this area, then this special location located on the Americas has special memories for Messi. It’s true that Jumby Bay is Messi’s honeymoon with Roccuzzo in 2017. Then this holiday is arguably the second honeymoon for Messi, who is back in the 2019 Ballon d’Or nomination.

This happiness can be enjoyed together because there are all moments on Messi’s personal Instagram account with a summary of many photos. Seen Messi is very happy to be on vacation with his small family, and the beach can be said to be his favorite vacation spot.

At the same time Messi wants to show who he really is, and it can be concluded that Messi is a humble figure by not seeing who he is now. It is known if Messi invites foreign tourists to play soccer on the beach.

In the process Messi invited an 11-year-old Englishman, Mackenzie O’Neill, to play football with his children on the shore. This special moment unfortunately did not go long, according to the records of the small soccer game that only lasted about 45 minutes.

“Messi is with his family on the beach. I was alone and started kicking the ball, at a distance of a few feet from them. Messi throws the ball at me and asks if I want to play with them. Then, I played with Thiago and Messi for 45 minutes, “said Mackenzie.

Mackenzie just wanted to convey that Messi was a father figure in general, where he did not boast of his status as the star of the world soccer field. Mackenzie added that Messi was not bothered by my game with his children.

Apart from these happy moments, Messi had to accept the sanctions given by CONMEBOL, due to his own words stating that there was corruption in the organization that made Brazil the Copa America champion in 2019. The aftermath of Messi’s bad action was not being able to strengthen Argentina during 2022 World Cup qualifying matches.

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