Lionel Messi will create a big change for FIFA 20

Not only talented in handling the ‘round skin’, in fact, the Barcelona football star, Lionel Messi is good at giving big ideas of change. This can be proven when Messi played an important role in giving birth to the game simulation simulation game EA Sports: FIFA 20.

This latest edition will be introduced in the near future, and before that happens it is better to know what changes are given by FIFA 20. Based on reliable sources, the change is centered on the execution of free kicks based on the game of Messi in the real world.

An exclusive change to the upcoming FIFA 20 that relates to Messi and can mean that players can get the sensation of the original goal from Messi’s kick. Right in September 2019 this game will be officially released to the market, and lucky for EA Sport because it has provoked a time to feel the new sensation.

One idea is so crucial, because this is born on the request of the players who complain that it is difficult to score a free kick from distance. Now everything changes, and clearly this is thanks to the hand of Messi, EA has brought a big change to the FIFA 20 game, and they are so sure that the players will like it.

Speaking of the FIFA 19 game, the result is the difficulty of scoring a free kick. Data notes that this game rarely produces goals from free kicks. Now there is a high chance that you can score goals through free kicks as well as aim and new spin that can make it easier for users to direct a free kick that passes through the opponent’s fence line.

It can be said to be very similar to Messi’s free kick in the real world, users can bend the ball into the upper right corner of the opponent’s goal, and we can be sure the goalkeeper will not be able to brush the ball away. Here a free kick becomes a hot conversation, as not only about Messi.

Certainly loyal fans of Cristiano Ronaldo were discouraged, and FIFA 20 answered all those doubts by giving Ronaldo an edge with a free-kick technique called knuckleball. If it is outlined that FIFA 20 is easier than FIFA 19, more goals will be created and the attack process will make the game more open.

Improvement is very visible, not only about free kick. FIFA 20 also clears the movement without the ball so that all teams are equal in the level of movement, and dribbling capabilities that add explosive movements to avoid tackling opponents also experience an increase that can be guaranteed to satisfy the lovers of the soccer game.

If concluded, then FIFA 20 places more emphasis on tactics, and the speed of the game will run a little slower. It’s interesting to try, and let’s wait until September 2019.

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