Lionel Messi’s aura is not good?

The 2018-2019 Champions League is one of the worst memories for Barcelona, beyond expectations they were eliminated by Liverpool in a quite painful way. This moment was allegedly going to be very difficult to forget and certainly took time to eliminate the moment.

In their record, Barcelona managed to win a landslide victory over Liverpool 3-0 at the Camp Nou in the Champions League semi-final. The big win clearly greatly raised Barcelona’s confidence to be sure they could qualify for the final round. But all hope was destroyed instantly when playing in the second leg.

The second leg was also the worst memory of Barcelona because it was cleared with four goals without reply. This failure clearly affected the mentality of the captain and star of Barcelona, Lionel Messi. As for the beginning of last season, Messi promised to bring home the Champions League trophy.

But unfortunately a thousand dear, the promise cannot be kept by Messi. Claims state that until now the star has not really been able to forget the failure. A reliable source says that Barcelona don’t seem to really know the Champions League.

Last season, Barcelona were also eliminated in an almost equal way by AS Roma, and this season repeated again when visiting Anfield. This 4-0 defeat is considered to be worse because of the performance of Messi CS under the standard.

None of the players can hide their disappointment, including Messi. Proved to be the continuation of Spanish La Liga against Getafe yesterday, Barcelona’s 2-0 victory did not necessarily make Messi’s expression happy, aka his aura looked very bad.

In the interview session, Messi chose silence and that attitude was very rarely shown by Messi even though Barcelona lost though. Before the game began, Messi got great pressure from Liverpool supporters in a city in London.

For his failure, Messi and his colleagues were criticized by fans themselves at the Getafe counter-match. For that attitude, Messi did not celebrate his second goal against Getafe. Now Messi with Barcelona on the way to win two trophies this season.

Spanish La Liga certainly belongs to Barcelona, and the second title is possible because Barcelona will play in the Copa del Rey final. Increasingly making the public wonder is the attitude of Messi who immediately left the field after the match by eliminating the habit of giving applause to the Barcelona fans.

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