Lippi: Juventus is the most favorite candidate to win the Champions League trophy

One of the legendary Italian coaches, Marcelo Lippi has confidence that one of his former club directors, Juventus, is the favorite candidate in the European Champions League this season. In Italy, Lippi also did not doubt the fact that Bianconneri was at a level far above the other teams for now.

As is known, Juventus has indeed triumphed in the Italian Serie A stage for the last seven seasons in a row by winning the Scudetto title throughout the period. But their work in the European arena, especially in the European Champions League still has not produced achievements. The last time Bianconneri won the Champions League title was in 1996.

So far, they have reached 4 finals at the annual event, two of which have taken place in the last three years, but unfortunately Juventus have always failed to win the title. However, Juventus remain unchecked from the list of champion candidates in this season’s campaign, even the legendary Italian coach Marcelo Lippi thinks that the Old Lady is the champion favorite in this season’s campaign. Meanwhile in Italy, Lippi still does not doubt that Juventus’ level is still far above the other teams.

“Juventus are among the favorite teams to win the Champions League this season, they are in the group phase with Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain. Until last year, they could compensate for the teams in the group phase. However, they cannot automatically do that automatically. I judge that the other Italian teams are a bit far [level from Juve],” said Lippi to Radio Sportiva.

In the opening match of the European Champions League group phase this season against Valencia, Juventus managed to wrap up a landslide victory 2-0, despite only playing with 10 players.

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