List of 10 world’s highest-paid YouTubers of 2020

Not long ago, Forbes Magazine released a list of YouTubers with the highest income in 2020. It’s surprising because the one at the top is a 9 year old Youtuber.

Being a Youtuber is now a dream for some people, especially if you look at the income you can get from there.

Yes, Youtuber now seems to have become a profession, because the income earned is quite promising. However, even though it looks easy, actually becoming a successful YouTuber requires a difficult struggle and a long process.

Even so, there are many examples of YouTubers who have successfully reaped large income from Google’s Platform. For example, Ryan Kaji, this 9 year old Youtuber has recorded an income of 419.2 billion Rupiah throughout 2020.

The Texas-born boy has a total of 41.7 million subscribers so far, and he is also listed as the Youtuber with the highest income in 2020, according to a list released by Forbes.

Ryan Kaji is known to often upload toy review videos. As his name grew and became known to the public, he released his own line of toys and starred in shows on Nickelodeon.

Meanwhile, the income itself does not only come from Youtube, but also from the sale of some of his products such as bedroom decorations and action figures.

Interestingly, Ryan Kaji has also topped this list in the last two consecutive years. In other words, Ryan Kaji has become Forbes’ version of the Youtuber with the highest income for three consecutive years.

Meanwhile, here are the complete Forbes Top 10 YouTubers with the highest income in 2020.

1. Ryan Kaji: US $ 29.5 million (IDR 421 billion)
2. Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson): US $ 24 million (IDR 342 billion)
3. Dude Perfect: US $ 23 million (IDR 328 billion)
4. Rhett and Link: US $ 20 million (IDR 285 billion)
5. Markiplier (Mark Fischbach): US $ 19.5 million (IDR 278 billion)
6. Preston Arsement: US $ 19 million (IDR 271 billion)
7. Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya): US $ 18.5 million (IDR 264 billion)
8. Blippi (Stevin John): US $ 17 million (IDR 242 billion)
9. David Dobrik: US $ 15.7 million (IDR 224 billion)
10. Jeffree Star: US $ 15 million (IDR 214 billion)

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