List of 2019 top-selling smartphones

During 2019, there were many new types of cellphones or smartphones released. For example the Samsung Galaxy S10 Series, Galaxy Note 10 Series, Apple 11 Series, and so on. The question is what cell phone dominates the best-selling Smartphone category last year?

Of course curious to find out which smartphone managed to dominate the category last year. Moreover, well-known brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo and so on are so aggressively introducing their latest smartphone series.

Well, recently an analysis institute named Omnia, resetting the best-selling Smartphone throughout 2019. The results seem surprising, Samsung is still not able to defeat its eternal rival, Apple.

Yes, the Brand from California, United States of America still dominates the market in 2019 with the iPhone XR as their mainstay. Not surprised, the article which was actually released since the year 2018 has a more affordable price than the iPhone XS and XS Max.

It was said by Jusy Hong as the Director of Omdia, that this is the fifth consecutive time in the last five years that Apple has dominated the Smartphone market. In fact, the iPhone 11 also managed to rank second.

“Apple has consistently ranked first and second in the ranking of global smartphone model shipments for more than five years in a row,” said Jusy Hong, Omdia’s director of research and analysis.

Samsung itself released the Galaxy S10 series with a variety of variants, including super luxury to affordable variants, such as the Galaxy S10e. In addition, this South Korean vendor has also released mobile phones with 5g connectivity support.

Unfortunately, Samsung’s business has not been able to defeat Apple. Interestingly, low-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core are actually included in the list of the following 10.
1. iPhone XR 46.3 million units
2. iPhone 11 37.3 million units
3. Galaxy A10 30.3 million units
4. Galaxy A50 24.2 million units
5. Galaxy A20 19.2 million units
6. iPhone 11 Pro Max 17.6 million units
7. iPhone 8 17.4 million units
8. Redmi Note 7 16.4 million units
9. iPhone 11 Pro 15.5 million units
10. Galaxy J2 Core 15.2 million units.

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