List of movies released in theaters this week

There are various ways to enjoy a weekend with family or couples, from going to a beautiful place or just watching a movie at the cinema. For the second option, it seems worth a try because there are some interesting films released at the Cinema this week. The following are:

1. Milea: Sound from Dilan

Remember the 1991 Dilan Film? The story about the romance between two teenagers named Dilan and Milea was adapted from a novel of the same name by Pidi Baiq. The big screen film, starring Iqbaal Ramadan and Vanessa Priscilia managed to attract a large number of viewers.

Success with the first sequel, Fajar Bustomi as the director has prepared a second sequel with the title Milea: Voice of Dilan. Still starring Iqbaal Ramadhan and Vanessa Priscilia, this Film Cinta Remaja can be seen in theaters starting February 14, 2020.

Still about the love story between Dilan and Milea, it’s just that this sequel is more directed to the tempest that occurred in the relationship between the two high school kids.

2. Judy

‘Judy’ carries the story of singer Judy Garland. At the peak of her popularity, she must fight for her health as well as the peak of success she has. Judy has to face her addiction to alcohol and the people around her.

The film directed by Rupert Goold is more directed to the Biography category. Of course not entirely exactly the life journey of the legendary singer. There will be some seasoning to make Judy’s storyline more interesting.

3. Kajeng Kliwon

Horror connoisseurs or singles who cannot enjoy Valentine’s Day with a partner need not worry. You will be spoiled with the Horror genre film titled Kajeng Kliwon. This film tells the story of a couple who are preparing for their marriage.

Slowly there are things mystical that interfere with the preparation. Starring Amanda Manopo and Chris Laurent, Kajeng Kliwon has been witnessed since Thursday, February 13, 2020.

4. I am Mother

The Sci-fi film genre Drama was written by Michael Lloyd Green. Tells about the extinction of humanity so that only leaves a child who was raised by Robot. The child grew up and grew up, but the Robot, which he considered a protector all this time, slowly turned into an evil person.

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