List of soccer stars who gifted with talents in music

Many professional football players not only have the talent to play with the round leather. There are many players who are also gifted with talents in other fields, such as playing music. Some players don’t seem to hesitate to show their ability to play some musical instruments.

Juventus Mega Stars, Cristiano Ronaldo who has special games like playing Darts and Joe Allen have a hobby of raising chickens. Of all activities outside the world of football, sometimes these players also do not hesitate to share their activities on social media.

Liverpool’s most expensive keeper, Alisson Becker is known to love playing guitar and singing. In a video circulating on Youtube, the Brazilian man sang a song “Don’t Look Back in Anger” which was popularized by the British band Oasis.

While Arsenal goalkeeper, Petr Cech, was considered the most diligent in showing his skill in playing drum instruments. In fact, he has his own channel on Youtube.

Petr Cech appears quite often in poking famous songs from famous bands such as Nirvana, Foo Fighters, to Incubus. Meanwhile, Manchester United striker, Alexis Sanchez has also shown his expertise in playing piano instruments.

Many doubted Sanchez’s expertise in playing the piano, and many even asked the player to appear live. But who would have thought, if the challenge was realized by Sanchez by playing live and the evidence was clear he was able to play clean and beautiful.

From all talents that exist, they certainly remain focused on the world of football. Other talents outside of this are a distraction to entertain themselves, and certainly what they have produced is from playing soccer.

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