Liverpool confirm Thiago Alcantara tested positive for Covid-19

Liverpool’s new recruit, Thiago Alcantara is not only injured, but also infected with the Corona Virus outbreak as the results of the last test carried out on the player. This news was even confirmed directly by Liverpool.

Thiago Alcantara, 29 years old joined Anfield this September. He was bought from last season’s European Champions League winners, Bayern Munchen through a pocket of 25 million euros.

It didn’t take long for Alcantara to step down and undergo his debut match. He was immediately trusted by coach Jurgen Klopp to play in the second half of the match against Chelsea in the Premier League last week.

In his debut match, the former Barcelona player immediately wowed many people with his neat performance. At that time, he recorded the highest number of passes in 45 minutes in the Premier League.

It’s just that Liverpool fans should be disappointed to hear the fact that the midfielder will be sidelined for the next few weeks due to an injury ahead of the match against Arsenal yesterday (27/09) local time.

Unfortunately again, only a day after the match the player tested positive for the Corona Virus based on the last test. This news was confirmed by Liverpool through its official statement.

“Liverpool midfielder Thiago Alcantara has tested positive for Covid-19 and is conducting self-isolation according to the guidelines used.”

“The 29-year-old, who missed Monday’s game against Arsenal, is showing mild symptoms of the virus but is in good shape and is getting better.”

“The club has, and will continue to follow, all protocols regarding Covid-19 and Thiago will remain in self-isolation for the required time,” the club wrote, as quoted by Goal International.

Meanwhile, football players who have tested positive for the Corona virus can actually ask the club to keep this secret for privacy. However, Alcantara would have no problem if the club announced his condition.

“It is the decision of each individual whether they publicly announce the results of the Covid-19 test,”

“We have followed all protocols to the end and Thiago is fine. He will undergo self-isolation according to guidelines and hopefully he will be back with us soon,” said Liverpool first team doctor, Dr Jim Moxon.

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