Liverpool eyeing Guinea National Team young star

Time goes by with certainty to ensure the closing of the 2019 summer transfer market, in fact does not make Liverpool panic. The latest is shown a movement of the Champions League champions last season with a little more to get the services of young players Guinea national team, Francois Kamano.

This time the transfer market did not show the great activity of the figure of Liverpool. It can be proven that they only brought in two young players, and there is certainly no name for a world-class star player who was successfully introduced at Anfield Stadium.

The unsatisfactory results on the 2019 preseason tour were in fact the aftermath of Liverpool’s movements in the transfer market, and what is now seen is the awareness for them to bring in new players.

Investigate a calibaration, Liverpool plans to find a coating from the trio of attackers Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino. They realize that not always can depend on the trio of the tiger. Now the most widely heard name Liverpool wants is Francois Kamano.

Francois Kamano is currently a star in front of the Ligue 1 club, Bordeaux. When comparing the quality of the player with Nicolas Pepe, Arsenal’s new player, the name of Francois Kamano, the name of this one player is not too famous.

The superiority of Francois Kamano here is because he is still too young, which is 23 years old. One year younger than Pepe. Second is the character of playing Francois Kamano which can be placed anywhere, in the sense of being able to play in the position of the left wing and right wing.

Luckily, if Liverpool get Francois Kamano is when in an emergency position then the player can be placed in the position of center attacker and right winger. This can be proven by watching Francois Kamano with FC Bastia.

Last season was a good season for Francois Kamano, where he scored 10 goals and one assist for Bordeaux in the Ligue 1 event. He also defended the Guinea national team in the 2019 African Cup with a record of one goal.

Existing notes that provide confidence for Liverpool that Francois Kamano fits in the line of his team next season. He could be projected as a replacement for Daniel Sturridge who did not get a new contract, and could possibly replace the role of Sadio Mane.

If Liverpool wants to bring Francois Kamano immediately, it is strongly recommended that they be quick while the price is not too expensive, and they only need to spend a transfer value of 20 million Euros with Francois Kamano spending two more seasons with Bordeaux.

Comparing the selling price of Nicolas Pepe, it is very expensive. As we all know that Arsenal have to give big money to Lille for 70 million Euros.

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