Liverpool get addicted to win more titles

Becoming a Premier League champion is a relief for Liverpool players, especially given the fact that the club has never been a champion in the last 30 years. But they are not necessarily satisfied, for the Reds players, being a champion is like opium.

Last season, Liverpool won the European Champions League after defeating Tottenham Hotspur in the final round. Fulfilling the achievements in 2019, Klopp’s troops managed to become champions in the European Super Cup and Club World Cup matches.

Whereas this season, the Marseyside team continued their achievements, this time by winning the English Premier League. Amazingly, Liverpool won the championship by leaving seven matches.

But even more interesting is the fact that this is the first Premier League title for Liverpool since the new format rolled in 1990 ago. In other words, after 30 years of waiting, the Reds finally managed to become champions.

Liverpool players can certainly breathe a sigh of relief because what the fans had hoped for a long time has finally come true. But, many consider that along with these successes, Liverpool lost motivation.

This is evident from the club’s failure to break the target Premier League record points, where in the last six games the Reds were defeated twice. In fact, one defeat was swallowed when dealing with a mediocre team, Arsenal.

But Defender Andrew Robertson has denied this assumption. He stressed that the Reds still wanted to continue to win. He claimed that Liverpool players were addicted to be champions.

“It’s about the feelings we had at the hotel when Chelsea beat Man City, it’s about the feelings we had on the open bus when we beat Tottenham in the Champions League final”

“They are the feeling that, as a footballer, you can’t get better than we want to keep it,” he told Premier League Production.

It was emphasized that Liverpool did not want to only win once or twice.

“We don’t want it to be just one or two times, we want it to be normal, we want the feeling of victory every year and that’s why after winning the Champions League we remain motivated to go and win the Premier League,”

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