Liverpool is the champion, but City is the best team

The claim was said by one of Manchester City’s mainstays defender, John Stones. According to him, Manchester City are the best team in the Premier League this season, despite the fact that they failed to retain the title.

Previously, Manchester City was the best team in the Premier League, where they won the title in two consecutive editions. But this season, Pep Guardiola’s men have failed to repeat a similar success.

The defeat of Chelsea two weeks ago made the dream of winning the Premier League champions Hattrick just float away. As a result of this defeat, Citizen can no longer reach the distance of points with Liverpool at the top, although there are 7 matches left.

Liverpool itself did look extraordinary this season, in fact they only swallowed one defeat before sealing the championship trophy. However, according to John Stones, his team remains the best in the Premier league.

“I think, yes, quite confident. We know our abilities and I think the standard we have set for us and others in the dressing room is every three, four days playing with high standards in the last few years.

That’s what we are very proud of as players, “said Stones to BEIN Sports.

Furthermore, the former Everton player confirmed that Manchester City are still hungry, trying to improve performance to regain the title next season.

“We are still hungry to do it and bring it to next season and end this season while maintaining our standards and trying to improve ourselves, as I said, in terms of defense and take advantage of opportunities,” he said.

This Premier League competition was delayed for about three months due to the Corona Virus pandemic. During this period, players are also prohibited from conducting training sessions or other activities using club facilities.

That period had made John Stones feel frustrated, the article he had to maintain fitness by practicing in the Gym.

“It feels very frustrating because during lockdown I tried hard in the gym to stay fit and felt I was in the best condition,” he added.

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