Liverpool legend believes EPL Players have been ready to perform again

Reportedly the Premier League will be resumed in the near future and the news has been welcomed by Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler. He believes the players will not refuse to play again after more than 2 months absence.

As is known, the discourse of re-rolling of the English Premier League after more than two months was closed gave rise to pros and cons. There are parties who are very enthusiastic, but on the other hand, there are also a few who hope that the league will be stopped just like the French Ligue 1.

However, the plan to roll out the competition comes from the local government’s permission to hold a training session again. But of course there are strict health protocols that must be implemented before a training session takes place.

Reportedly, the Premier League authorities themselves are planning to hold the remaining matches of this season starting on June 13, 2020. Robbie Fowler is one of the parties who are pro with this plan.

If he becomes a coach or a player in the Premier League, this ex Liverpool claimed to remain ready to play again.

“As a manager, my choice is clear. When they say it’s safe to continue with the Brisbane Roar, I won’t think twice about leading the team. However, as a player, with contact, sweat and closeness, will I be ready to go out there? ”

“The answer is yes. I will go further – I will really be amazed if there are Premier League players who don’t want to play, “he wrote in his column for Mirror.

Not an unfounded opinion, Fowler believes that the Premier League authorities would have calculated all the risks that could occur. Therefore, he asked the players not to doubt that.

“I do not reduce fear, because I have said so far they will only return when they feel safe to do so.”

“Of course, players will have their own doubts, but I believe, when they are presented with all the evidence, they will definitely want to play,” he claimed.

Indeed, several Premier League players including Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling, and Tammy Abraham reject this discourse.

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