Liverpool no plan to bring new players on winter transfer market

Liverpool are currently losing two of their main center-backs, Joel Matip and Joe Gomez, who have been injured since some time ago, so that the situation led to speculation claiming that Marseyside Team plans to land new ammunition in the winter transfer market next January. But the claim was later disputed by manager Jurgen Klopp, who stressed that his care team would most likely not attract new players in January.

As is known, Joel Matip and Joe Gomez often become Liverpool’s mainstay in defense since the beginning of this season. Unfortunately since a while ago, Liverpool lost both players due to injury. With the injury of Matip and Gomez, it is certain that there are no equal coatings for Dejan Lovren and Virgil Van Dijk, in case one or both players must pull over due to injury.

Naturally, if later news emerged that claimed that Liverpool plans to bring in a new center-back on the occasion of the winter transfer window next January. However, coach Jurgen Klopp revealed that Joe Gomez and Joel Matip will recover soon from their injury, so there is no need to land new ammunition.

At the same time, the tactician also said that it was likely that the club would recall Harry Wilson, a potential young striker who currently plays well during his loan period with Derby County.

“Our situation is like this; if you ask me two weeks before whether we will do something in the transfer market, I will say no. But now we have two absent center defenders. Will we do something? Apparently not, because they are absent not too long. ”

“This is the same as Harry. If now something happens in the attacking midfielder’s position, why should I now say 100 prenets we won’t do it? Derby received when they signed a contract, they had to wait until the last second before we decided. We don’t want to take it. Only if we really need him, then we will activate that option, “Klopp explained.

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