Liverpool should not rush to sign Thiago Alcantara

Former Liverpool player, John Barnes advised his former club not to rush into buying Thiago Alcantara this summer. So, what is the basis for giving advice like that?

Jurgen Klopp is one of those figures who wants Thiago in his squad next season and often heaps praises on him. From here, rumors of a former Barca move to Anfield continued to reverberate.

On the one hand, it was confirmed by Bayern Munchen that Thiago Alcantara had refused to extend his tenure at the Allianz Arena. Meanwhile, the former Barcelona contract will end in the year of 2021.

If refusal continues to come from Thiago Alcantara, there is no way but to sell it this summer. Hansi Flick is trying to persuade the player to stay, but it looks like the 29-year midfielder was already not interested in defending.

Actually, Liverpool already have a solid midfield line, call them Jordan Henderson, Georginio Wijnaldum, and Fabinho. However, there are opinions that say that the sector is less creative.

Well, Thiago is predicted to bring creativity in Liverpool’s midfield next season. But, John Barnes considers it a transfer that is too risky for Liverpool.

“With a very hard-working midfielder, they have a lot of points that are better than other players,”

“The reason you can have two full backs attacking at the same time and three strikers is because they have three hardworking midfielders to protect him in that situation,” Barnes told BBC Sport.

A concrete example is Manchester City, which has a line of creative midfielders, but in fact they are 20 points behind Liverpool at the end of the Premier League this season.

“If you get another creative midfielder and want a full back and a trio of attacking strikers, then maybe you will concede more goals,”

“Manchester City have how many creative players in midfield? But Liverpool can finish with a 20-point advantage. Maybe Manchester City should say: ‘Let’s look for hard-working players in the middle in order to catch up to Liverpool,” he concluded.

Liverpool indeed outperformed City this season, by becoming champions of the Premier League in the 31st week.

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