Liverpool start to look at Arsenal’s invincibles unbeaten record

After going through the first half of this season with an unbeaten record, Liverpool are now starting to dare to look at the record of the invicibles, the only record in Arsenal’s history in the 2003/04 season ago. This was revealed by manager Jurgen Klopp, but he also insisted that Liverpool were not afraid of defeat.

The speed shown by the Marseyside Team at the Premier League title this 2019/20 season. Recorded from the 19 matches they have played, Liverpool were untouched by defeat, they even won 18 times and only drew once. That is, the Reds have collected 55 points. No doubt, they are also sturdy at the top of the standings.

With still unbeaten entering the second half of the season, Liverpool were predicted to be able to match the glorious achievements Arsenal have ever inscribed. For information, the Gunners had a record of unbeaten or called Invincibles in the 2003/04 season, at which time they also managed to come out as Premier League champions.

According to Klopp, the record is very likely to be achieved by Liverpool, however he also stressed that Van Dijk et al will not be afraid of defeat which remains a threat in every remaining match.

“You are not afraid of losing to our situation but you know that it is possible, losing is one of three possible outcomes. You win, draw or lose. I’m not sure what Arsene Wenger was thinking about when they became invincibles, if he knew before the fight that he would win,”

“Unfortunately I’m not like this, it’s nice if I find out before the match. But I can only say that we are not afraid to lose, I have never been afraid, it is a possibility but I am not afraid, “Klopp was quoted as saying by Goal International.

Liverpool play two matches less than the two closest rivals, meaning they are still likely to widen the distance with Leicester City (8 points), and Manchester City (11 points). On the 21st matchdays, the Marseyside Team will face Sheffield United, Friday morning WIB (03/01). After that they will face Everton in the FA Cup title.

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