Liverpool’s 4 worst winter transfers

This situation should not have issued a statement that Liverpool was stingy and put a bad impression on January. The proof is that Liverpool dare to pour big funds to bring in a central defender named Virgil van Dijk, and lucky for them this transfer was a success with the appearance of the extraordinary player.

Referring to van Dijk’s status, this player came to Liverpool in mid-season, where previously there were players like Daniel Agger, Philippe Coutinho, Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge who were also good additions in the middle of the season.

Interestingly here when the mid-season did not bring good luck, it actually brought huge losses from all aspects. Even among them ended in the worst failure in Liverpool’s shopping record. The following is the worst transfer of Liverpool’s January edition.

1. Fernando Morientes
Rafa Benitez as Liverpool coach at that time dared to bring in a sharp attacker Real Madrid, Fernando Morientes with a high official. The Spaniard is an elite striker with proven reputation and quality.

However, expectations do not match the reality because Morientes seems different. Note also answered that failure with Morientes only scored 12 goals in one and a half years at Anfield.

Despite successfully delivering Liverpool FA Cup champions and Champions League, but still the status of Morientes as an attacker was far from expectations.

2. Daniele Padelli
Padelli came to Liverpool with the status of a future candidate for Italy. Rafael Benitez brings the goalkeeper with a temporary status with a permanent purchase option.

But once again, harapa is not in reality, assuming the goalkeeper failed and was only given the opportunity to play 1 time. Although Padelli’s playing experience is quite a lot, but still he is not able to describe his best game in the Premier League.

3. Andy Carroll
Carroll came to the status of the most expensive transfer holder Liverpool after they released Fernando Torres to Chelsea. Torres and Luis Suarez are players who are brought together.

Unlike Padelli and Morientes who look fit and free from injury, Carroll’s failure is more to injury which is always present at every opportunity.

From a total of 58 matches, he was only able to score 11 goals. Its existence is incompatible with the official price of 35 million pounds until Carroll finally realized himself by leaving Anfield to move to West Ham in the 2012/13 season.

4. Steven Caulker
Jurgen Klopp is listed as the Liverpool coach who rarely moves in the winter transfer market in January. However, it was noted he had once made the move when he had just served as Liverpool coach.

The player recruited by Klopp is Caulker who came on loan to provide depth in the Liverpool defense. However, he didn’t get the chance to play, and more notes revealed as a substitute.

From a total of 4 matches, Caulker only dropped once as a core player. That moment happened when Liverpool competed in the FA Cup.

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