Liza Aditya feels relieved, one of the government officials has paid off his debt

Some time ago, one of Indonesian celebgram Liza Aditya had caused a stir due to offending an official who had owed her a nominal amount of hundreds of millions of rupiah, but had not been paid.

The story upload was immediately crowded into the lips of citizens, especially Liza did not mention who the official he meant, so that netizens increasingly curious.

Well, after the conversation became quite busy, finally the government officials who is mentioned by Liza Aditya finally paid off his debt. The debts of IDR tens of millions were declared paid off.

This was confirmed directly by the celebrity via his upload on Instagram. She claimed to be relieved, because that government officials with the initials ‘WW’ had been in debt long enough.

“Yes, it has been paid by WW after the riots. I feel relieved,” Liza said via text message.

Liza said that this WW was afraid that his identity was revealed to the public in connection with the debt. As a result, he finally paid his debt to Liza.

“He is afraid if I reveal his identity to the public. We fight and he lose,” said Liza.

Interestingly, after paying off the debt, Liza immediately blocked his number.

“He just paid (debt) yesterday. After that I immediately blocked his number,” Liza said.

Already disappointed with the official, Liza decided to cancel the business cooperation with him. He also exposed the bad character of the official in business.

“At the same time I canceled his cooperation to become my business partner. I don’t want to work or start a business with him anymore. I already signed, but haven’t paid yet, he wants to use my brand, but I don’t let him. Then again, he asked for my products. He sold thousands of discinfectant,but he didn’t pay me, “Liza said.

In a previous upload, Liza said that the government official owed her IDR hundreds of millions of rupiah, where the debt had been in effect for the past year.

Of course, there is a good effort from Liza to collect her debts, only the person tends to neglect her obligation to pay debts. As a result, Liza was furious and revealed it to the public.

The figure of Liza Aditya herself had previously been known to citizens after being linked with Atta Halilintar. She also made a scene because she was suspected of being a transgender woman.

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