Lost to Brighton, Mourinho no comment

Manchester United’s coach, Jose Mourinho seems completely disappointed with the defeat swallowed by his team in the second matchdays in Premier League last weekend. Because the Portuguese manager was reluctant to comment after the match.

As we known, Manchester United did travel to The American Express Stadium to deal with hosts Brighton and Hove Albion, on Sunday night (08/19) local time. On paper, of course Manchester United are more favored wins, especially the fact that they previously won 2-1 victory over Leicester City on the first matchdays.

But surprisingly, Manchester United conceded two goals in the first half, could reduce the deficit to 1-2, but unfortunately in the end the Premier League runners-up still swallowed defeat with a final score of 2-3. Of course, this defeat was very disappointing for Mancester United, moreover they were trying to win the first Premier League title since 2013 ago.

No wonder if Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho looks so disappointed, to the point of being reluctant to comment on the performance of his players after the match.

“When I talk about individual performance and when I am critical of my players, you don’t accept it, the media and pundit are usually very critical of me when I go in that direction, so please don’t ask me in this direction, because that’s not good for me.

“So, I will be very very happy to analyze the performance of my players when they play very well. It’s amazing for me to come to the camera and say players A, B, C are fantastic. Extraordinary for me. When I can’t do it, don’t push me in that direction, because I don’t want to go there,” said Mourinho as reported by Sky Sports.

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