Lucinta Luna’s Instagram account disappeared after prison release, what’s wrong?

Ayluna Putri aka Lucinta Luna has been released from prison after getting assimilated. However, the existence of the celebrity became a question afterwards, because her Instagram account suddenly disappeared.

As is known, Lucinta Luna has indeed been in prison since 2020 after the drug case that arrested her. However, since early February he has been officially released due to assimilation.

However, citizens are wondering about the whereabouts of the owner of the full name Ayluna Putri on social media. Instagram account with username @lucintaluna could not be found, even though it was still visible a few days ago.

Meanwhile, Irma, as Lucinta Luna’s lawyer, admitted that she did not know about her client’s whereabouts after prison, because the last time she met was after the last verdict in September 2020.

“I no longer handle the appeal level. I have not received any news (from Lucinta Luna). Finally, that’s after the verdict,” said Irma to detikcom.

Meanwhile, Abash, who is known as one of Lucinta Luna’s close friends, cannot talk much about the missing Instagram account. He has indeed heard the news of Lucinta Luna’s release, but about the missing Instagram account, the cause is still being sought.

“It has (got the news that Lucinta Luna is free). We are still looking for the reason (Lucinta Luna’s Instagram account disappeared),” continued Abash.

Actually, Lucinta Luna still has to serve a sentence, but the person concerned gets assimilation because she has met the applicable requirements such as good behavior, has served half of the sentence, paid a fine and also because of the ongoing pandemic.

“By the end of the year, there were 57 thousand convicts assimilated. The conditions are the same as Lucinta Luna,”

“The first is of good behavior, the second has served half of her sentence, and the third has paid the fine,” Rika Aprianti told on Monday (15/2/2021).

According to information heard, Lucinta Luna has paid a fine of 10 million Rupiah in connection with the drug case that ensnared her.

Even though she has been released, it does not mean that Lucinta Luna is no longer a prisoner, she is still a prisoner, only serving the rest of her term of detention at home. Lucinta Luna will only be free from all charges on August 20, 2021.

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