Luis Milla predicts Barcelona will dominate El Clasico

The former coach of the Indonesian National Team from Spain, Luis Milla, also gave his prediction regarding the course of the El Clasico this weekend. Mila predicts Barcelona will appear to dominate in the match later.

As is known, Barcelona and Real Madrid will meet for the first time in the 2020/21 season at the Spanish La Liga continued this weekend, Saturday (24/10) at the Estadio Camp Nou.

Ahead of the match, the two teams are in quite contrasting conditions, if the benchmark is the performance in the European Champions League in midweek.

Ronald Koeman’s Barcelona won 5-1 victory over Ferencvaros. Meanwhile, Real Madrid fell at home to 2-3 against second-tier team Shakhtar Donetsk.

In the previous match, Real Madrid also looked doubtful because they lost a surprise to the promotion team, Cadiz.

Because of this situation, the Catalan giants are predicted to appear more dominant in the meeting, especially when the match takes place at home.

The same thing was also expressed by Luis Milla in the El Clasico La Liga Webinar, where he spoke together with Binder Singh as a football observer.

“Barcelona will lead the game, they will have the ball possession,” said Luis Milla.

However, that does not mean that Luis Milla thinks Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid has no chance of winning. According to him, Los Blancos only need to be patient to find opportunities to score goals and secure three points until the game is over.

“They have to return their best form in the last season to win the game,” he explained.

El Clasico this time is certainly different from the previous El Clasico because there were no spectators to enliven the match.

Yes, the Corona Virus Pandemic has certainly prohibited spectators from attending the match directly at the stadium. In this regard, according to Luis Milla, it will not have too much impact on competition on the field.

“We believe La Liga and the players are able to adapt well to this new protocol,” he said.

Recently, a discourse emerged to open the stadium again, because the growth rate of Corona Virus cases in Spain began to decline.

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