Luis Suarez hurt by rumors of Barca players refusing pay cut

Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez was very hurt to hear rumors claiming that the Barcelona players did not agree with the salary deduction policy from the club.

The Coronavirus Pandemic did indeed make football a crisis. How come? Europe’s top competitions have been temporarily stopped, including the Spanish La Liga.

The decision made the club was forced to stop their activities for a while. Barcelona is no exception, and so far it has been almost a month since the policy was implemented.

Of course, this situation makes Barcelona lose, the article the contract the players continue to run, so the club must continue to provide salaries to them. However, the club finally issued a new policy, a 70 percent pay cut.

News had circulated claiming that Messi et al did not agree with the policy. However, the issue finally proved to be untrue. Lionel Messi went up and said that from the beginning it was precisely the players who wanted a salary cut.

Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu was blamed for being seen as not trying to defend his players when the issue was circulating.

One of the mainstay players of the Catalan Giant, Luis Suarez looked very furious with the news media. He was hurt, because the Barcelona players seemed not to want their salary cut in the middle of this pandemic.

“Many painful things have been said about cutting squad salaries. They said that the players refused to pay cuts, then it was said that other players at this club had accepted the decision. ”

“When in fact we are waiting to try to find the best solution for the club,” Suarez told Sport890 via Goal International.

Furthermore, the Uruguayan insisted that from the beginning it was the players who wanted to reach a salary deduction agreement, knowing that the situation was difficult.

“It hurts when people say things like that, because we are the first to want to reach an agreement, because we know how the club’s situation is,” Suarez continued.

Before the Spanish La Liga competition was postponed this season, Barcelona itself was at the top of the standings with a one point advantage over its rivals, Real Madrid.

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