Luka Modric: Griezmann deserves to win the Ballon d’Or

The midfielder of the Croatian National team and Real Madrid’s mainstay, Luka Modric, verbally supported the French National Team striker, Antoine Griezmann to win this year’s Ballon d’Or. Although he is referred to as one of the favorites in the competition for the annual trophy, Modric is reluctant to mention that he deserves to win it.

As is known, this 30-years-old player’s name have been included in the list of candidates for winning this year’s Ballon d’Or trophy, an award of France Football’s best player. As predicted earlier, the list of candidates was dominated by the names of the players of the French national team. Naturally, they deserve to dominate following the success of winning the 2018 World Cup trophy last summer.

Among a number of names of French national team players, there are some who are considered worthy of winning the Ballon d’Or trophy, one of which is Atletico Madrid striker, Antoine Griezmann. In fact, the winner of the 2018 FIFA Best Player of the Year, Luka Modric specifically supported the 29-year-old to win this year’s Ballon d’Or trophy. According to him, Griezmann is indeed worthy of winning the award.

“I will put Antoine in pole position in three of France’s best players this year. All because of all that he has achieved throughout 2018. Mbappe? He is an extraordinary talent and promising talent for the future, but has already shown that he is ready at the highest level of football. He is very special, but the biggest influence remains in Antoine.”

Luka Modric is actually one of the favorite players to win this trophy, after the Croatian national team captain won the UEFA European Player of the Year award and FIFA’s best player in the world. However, the Real Madrid player was reluctant to be greedy, and judged that he did not deserve to win the ballon d’Or.

“I do not like that way and say; ‘Yes, I deserve to win the Ballon d’Or. The most important thing for me is what I have done on the field in the last few months. 2018 is without a doubt the best year of my career. But that does not necessarily make you able to force me: “I am the one who deserves to win it,” said Modric, as quoted by France Football.

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