Luna Maya admits there is no urge to get married from mother

A woman is generally married at the age below 30 years, but in reality not a few are still single above that age. For example Luna Maya, this beautiful artist and model has not yet married at the age of 36 years.

Ariel Noah’s former lover is certainly not a stranger anymore, she is classified as a top Indonesian artist who often appears on the big screen. In addition, Luna Maya, known to be from Bali, has many businesses.

Although beautiful, sexy and rich, Luna Maya still holds single status. She was not married, even though in the next four years she will reach the age of 40.

The last time Luna Maya had a partner was in 2018, when she was still the lover of Reino Barrack, who had been married to Syahrini since last year.

Until now, Luna Maya has never been seen holding a man again, even though she was rumored to be back with Ariel Noah.

Responding to this fact, Luna Maya seemed relaxed. Maybe also because on the one hand she did not get pressure from her mother to get married. Luna admitted that her mother was not like most mothers in Indonesia, who forced their children to get married faster.

“Maybe this is a little different from most mothers, maybe actually they don’t even know what it is like in their hearts but they never say (about their desires),” said Luna Maya in one of the private television programs.

The mother only wants Luna Maya to remain in a healthy and happy condition.

“(Mother wants me) Be healthy first, and then happy. She always says that, “she continued again.

Surprisingly, Luna Maya admitted that her mother would not mind if she was not married until the end of her life.

“Mother asked ‘you don’t want to have children? You don’t want to get married, if yes, just do without make yourself feel complicated. If you don’t want it, it’s okay, it doesn’t have to be the same as people, right? But yes I want to. Just take it easy, “closed Luna Maya.

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