Lung Cancer not only caused by smoking

Lung cancer is known as one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Although it can be cured, but most lung cancer patients, especially those who have stage four, usually die.

Indeed, smoking is one of the causes of lung cancer. However, besides this habit, there are some other things that can also be the cause, what are they?

Passive smokers

When you are not a smoker, but living in one house with a smoker, then you have the same lung cancer risk as the smoker. Because the tobacco smoke that is inadvertently inhaled will harm your lungs.

In fact, recorded in the United States, every year there are 3000 people who die due to passive smoking.

Radon Gas

The gas that forms naturally when uranium decays, is another known cause of lung cancer. It is estimated, 12 percent of the total deaths from lung cancer in smokers and non-smokers, are believed to be at least partially related to exposure to radon gas.

That is, those of you who smoke and are exposed to randon gas exposure have a large risk of developing lung cancer.


Asbestos is a building material that is widely used by Indonesian people, because the price is relatively cheaper than tile.

In fact, asbestos itself is made from processed chemicals in its fibers. When this microscopic tissue flies into the air, and is accidentally inhaled, the risk of developing lung cancer is as great as an active smoker.


Do your parents or grandparents have a history of lung cancer? If so, you should start to live healthy and avoid smoking. In fact, lung cancer can occur due to hereditary factors.

Smokers whose members have a history of lung cancer are usually more susceptible to similar diseases.

Air pollution

In addition to cigarette smoke, it turns out that the air that we breathe everyday also a potential cause of lung cancer. Some smoke factories such as chemical plants, electricity, cables, as well as vehicle fumes can cause pollution in the air.

It is estimated that up to 2,000 deaths from lung cancer per year may be caused by breathing polluted air.

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