Lungs start to heal immediately after quitting smoking?

Smokers in general have unhealthy lungs. Because, many chemicals in cigarettes they breathe, then damage the body’s organs. However, scientists have proven that the lungs can heal themselves, but the condition is to stop smoking.

Smoking is indeed a bad habit, the article on cigarettes there are many harmful chemicals, especially in the smoke from burning. Smokers will breathe the smoke, up to the lungs. That is, the lungs are the first organs to feel the negative effects of smoking.

Not surprisingly, many heavy smokers who experience lung cancer, including tuberculosis, among others. Treatment is the right solution for those who already suffer from lung disease due to smoking. But apparently there is another easier solution, which is to stop smoking.

Yes, by stopping smoking it can restore healthy lungs that have been damaged. The effect has been proven in patients who smoke a pack of 20 cigarettes a day for 40 years before stopping smoking.

In fact, it only takes 40 days to make our lungs healthy again, starting from the first day to stop smoking. In fact, research shows that the lungs of former smokers who haven’t smoked cigarettes for 40 days will look like they have never smoked at all.

This turns out to be caused by cells found in our lungs, which can surprisingly mutate. They can repair damaged cells, once smoking is stopped.

“We are totally unprepared for this discovery. There are cell populations that, presumably, miraculously refill the lining of the airways. One of the remarkable things is that patients who have quit smoking, even after 40 years of smoking, have regenerated cells that are completely undamaged by tobacco exposure,” said Dr Peter Campbell from the Sanger Institute as quoted BBC News.

Clearly, this discovery could be a motivation for smokers to break their habits. At least try to stop for 40 days with the aim that our lungs are healthy again.

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