Made a joke on Prilly’s last name, Andre Taulany was reported to police

Andre Taulany again had to deal with the authorities after his name was reported related to a joke on a reality show. Not only that, Rina Nose was also reported with a similar case.

Not long ago, Prilly was present as a guest on a television show hosted by Sule and Andre Taulany. However, when he called the 23-year-old woman came into the Studio, Andre actually slipped Prilly’s last name, Latuconsina.

Instead of calling the beautiful name of the beautiful artist, Prilly Latuconsina, Andre actually changed it to Prilly Latukondangan. Then, Rina Nose also did the same thing by saying the name Prilly Latukonstraksi.

Of course, as a reality show spiced with jokes, what Andre and Rina do is just a way to be funny, but who would have thought they would have been reported because of the joke.

Yes, Andre Taulani and Rina Nose were officially reported to the police for alleged defamation through electronic media. Registered with: TBL / 2880 / V / YAN.2.5 / 2020 / SPKT PMJ, May 18, 2020.

The reporter himself is known as Ruswan Latuconsina, one of the Latuconsina clans like Prilly. Both are reported with Article 27 paragraph (3) juncto Article 45 paragraph (3) of RI Law No. 19 of 2016 concerning ITE and or Article 310 of the Criminal Code.

Meanwhile, Prilly herself feels that the two figures have no other purpose, just a mere joke. In fact, Andre and Rina also apologized on the sidelines of the event for their actions.

But in his statement, Riswan stressed that Prilly had nothing to do with the report submitted to the police. According to him, this report was the result of deliberations from his family, the Latuconsina clan.

In fact, said Ruswan there was no peace, as the reporter, his party would continue to sue Andre and Rina until the case went to court.

“We follow the steps, we return it to the entire Latuconsina extended family. Because until now there is no actual apology door, “said Ruswan Latuconsina.

Andre Taulany himself had previously dealt with the authorities on reports of alleged blasphemy at the same event.

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