Madison Beer dates a NBA young star?

Blake Griffin, the shining NBA basketball player, is now rumored to be dating a beautiful and sexy celebrity. According to reports, Griffin was found on a date with a sweet voiced singer, named Madison Beer.

This hot news is true because the two super star figures were caught on camera having dinner together at Craig’s located in South Hollywood in mid-June 2019. The evidence shows Griffin and Beer sitting next to each other, and it is only natural that the action provoked some hot news these days.

Both Griffin and Beer are young super stars who are shining. In her current career, Beer is a 20-year-old young singer and is a figure who was rumored to be dating a son of the legend of Manchester United, David Beckham, Brooklyn in 2017.

While Griffin’s basketball career was clearly visible, in several matches he often became a star. On the journey of romance, before Griffin reportedly ever had a love affair with a sexy model, Kendall Jenner.

But, Griffin finally admitted he had officially separated in February 2018. If dissecting a figure that is currently hot, Griffin and Beer are known as close friends. Not only Beer, Griffin was also mentioned as being close to Zach Bia, a man who had several times broken up with Beer.

Currently the NBA is entering a long holiday after the 2019 season, Toronto closes with the status of a new champion. New NBA USA 2020 will be held again in the coming August.

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