Madonna admits has tested positive for coronavirus antibodies

The Pop Queen, Madonna admitted that maybe she had contracted the coronavirus and she did not realize it. This also makes him have Covid-19 antibody in his body.

Coronavirus is currently the focus of many parties throughout the world today. The pandemic that arose from this epidemic caused paralysis in the Economic sector in many countries.

The world public figure did not necessarily keep quiet seeing the situation that was happening. They try to do as much help as possible. There are also those who are willing to donate antibodies in their bodies for the sake of research into creating a vaccine for this virus.

Indeed, a vaccine for the coronavirus has not yet been found, and scientists are working hard to create the vaccine. International famous singer, Madonna also donated blood to be investigated as an antibody.

The decision made the public suspicious of Madonna also contracting this virus, but she stressed that her condition was now fine.

“I’m grateful to be part of supporting research to find the COVID-19 drug. I’m not sick right now,” she wrote via Instagram.

Even so, the 61-year-old figure does not necessarily deny the possibility that he had been infected with the coronavirus. Moreover, some time ago the person concerned had felt symptoms of severe flu after holding a concert in the city of Paris, France.

He became even more convinced that he had contracted the virus after hearing the news that other singers who appeared at concerts in Paris were also experiencing similar symptoms.

“When you test positive for antibodies that means the virus has NEVER existed (in the body) which means it’s true that I was sick at the end of my tour in Paris seven weeks ago with other artists on my stage at that time.”

“We all think that we have a severe cold. Thank God, we are healthy and fine now, “she continued.

Besides Madonna, there are several other public figures and musicians who are trying to help the world fight this Virus, such as P! Nk, Sara Bareilles, Sam Smith, Charlotte Lawrence, Andrew Watt, and others.

Till today, the Covid-19 positive cases worldwide have reached 3.78 million.

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