Magic! These animals could survive without foods for months

Living life, there are some main activities that must be done and should not be missed, including eating and drinking. Both activities are very vital, because if not, humans and animals will usually suffocate.

But for the following four animals, not eating / drinking for months is not a problem, why is that?

  1. Crocodile

Crocodiles enter reptile species that are usually found in Asia, Africa, America and Australia. In fact, can survive for 2-3 months without eating, it is because of the intelligence possessed by these amphibians.

Even in extreme conditions, crocodiles can also last for 1-3 years. They survive by saving energy, staying silent, and some are not even moving.

  1. Camels

Once a sip of water, Camels can spend 5-100 liters of water. Not without reason, it is one part of the workings of their immune system to obtain water reserves. So it’s no wonder why Camels can last so long while walking on the desert without drinking.

In addition, camels can also consume plants that are often found in the desert such as thorny cactus.

  1. Bear

Bear is a mammal that is included in wild animals. Their bears have thick fur, have sharp claws and are carnivorous or meat-eating animals.

Although seen as a wild animal that eats a lot, in fact bears can also hold hunger for months. For example when they hibernate in winter, bears will sleep during the winter.

  1. Penguins

This one bird looks very cute, but usually they can only be found on land with extreme cold temperatures like the South Pole. In general, penguins can withstand hunger for 2-4 months.

It’s just that, when holding hunger, penguin immune system usually also will be reduced or weakened. Uniquely, in contrast to humans who consider men as breadwinners, male penguins actually look after their children, while female penguins will hunt for food.

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