Malcom hijacked, AS Roma ask Barcelona give them Messi

The number one person in AS Roma, James Palotta still feel hurt by the fact that Barcelona have captured their transfer target, Malcom from Bordeaux this summer. There are only two ways that the Catalan Giants get an apology from Roma, one of them is Lionel Messi off to the Olimpico Stadium.

As we known, Malcom was surprisingly joined with Barcelona a few days ago, but during this time he was so heavily associated with the Italian Serie A giants, AS Roma. In fact, according to rumors, there is already an agreement reached between Roma and Bordeaux.

But somehow, in the end it was Barcelona who managed to hook the young star Brazil, which of course makes the AS Roma feel hurt and disappointed. The reason they are very close to secure Malcom services, even they have reached the dealing price.

No wonder if Gialorissi’s President, James Palotta feel angry with Barcelona. The Catalan giants themselves have called apologies, but Palotta is either serious or joking, claiming he has not forgiven the league club. There are only two conditions if they want the apology to be accepted.

The first condition is to return Malcom, while the second condition is to give them Lionel Messi.

“Talk about Barcelona, ​​it has become like a habit in these past few years. With a great club reputation they should not have done that. In fact, they have apologized but I do not accept the apology. ”

“There are only two ways that I can forgive them. First, give back Malcom to us and this certainly will not happen. Second, in good faith, at least they send Messi here, “Pallotta said on the club’s official website.

Indeed, the issue of Messi’s move to Italy is often heard later related to the fact that his personal rival, Cristiano Ronaldo has also docked to Serie A to play for Juventus.

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