Manchester City advised to don’t lose Pep Guardiola

Former England national team coach Sven-Goran Erikssen said that Pep Guardiola was a crucial figure for Manchester City. According to him, the Premier League club could immediately disappear if the Spanish coach decided to leave.

Pep himself began to coach David Silva et al since 2016 ago. In his inaugural season, he did fail to offer a trophy, but after that Pep won two consecutive Premier League titles, and other domestic trophies.

Unfortunately, this season Citizen is in a difficult situation, they are not only threatened to fail to lose the Premier League title, but also threatened to lose Guardiola pep. This relates to the sanctions of Financial Fair Play Rules imposed by UEFA some time ago.

Manchester City is proven to have violated the rules of financial fair play. The sanctions imposed by UEFA are too heavy, not only in the form of fines, but Citizens are also banned from playing on the European stage, whatever it is, for the next two periods.

Not accepting, Manchester City then appealed to the sports abitration committee or CAS. However, there has been no official decision. So for now, the worst risk is that the Premier League giants must be prepared to be absent from the Champions League for the next two seasons.

Of course it’s not an ideal situation, so it’s no wonder the mainstay players are believed to open up opportunities to leave this summer. So far, there are at least the names Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne who are believed to be ready to leave Etihad if that happens.

They are also believed to potentially lose Pep Guardiola, because after all the former Barcelona coach is determined to win the European Champions League title again.

“Of course, he is very important. Pep Guardiola is considered one of the best, if not the best. He was at that level for so long.

Losing Pep before his contract ends will have a negative effect on Man City: for fans, players and clubs. That is not a good message. I hope they do everything to keep Guardiola, at least until the contract is over, “he said as quoted by the US.

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