Manchester City officially closed training ground due to COVID-19 pandemic

The Coronavirus outbreak, which is now a pandemic in every country, has made many agencies take precautions. Including one of them English soccer club, Manchester City, which has just officially closed their training camp for a while.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 virus outbreak has indeed had an impact on the sustainability of football. Since a week ago, the Premier League has been officially stopped for a while.

The decision was taken after two players in the League of football have tested positive for the corona virus. Both are Arsenal coach, Mikel Arteta and one of the Chelsea players, Callum Hudosn-Odoi.

As a result of this case, the Premier League decided to postpone the competition until 4 April. Along with this decision, Premier League clubs have also begun to dismiss the players and their staff for a while.

Not only that, the defending Premier League champions, Manchester City also took a preventive attitude that should be emulated by other clubs. The Mirror claims that Manchester City is taking efforts to prevent the spread of the corona virus. The Citizens reportedly closed their training base recently.

The same report claims that City have officially closed their training ground from public or team visits.

At first, Manchester City still had time to conduct training sessions at the camp located in the Carrington area. However, the Corona Virus outbreak was increasingly worrying, eventually Pep Guardiola with the permission of Manchester City management decided to close the club’s training ground.

The closure of this training ground does not only apply to the first team’s training ground, but also their age category and academy team’s training ground. Even so, coach Pep Guardiola still gives homework to his players to continue training at home.

According to the information that was heard, the players were given a training pattern that they had to do every day at home. The main objective is to keep the players in shape during this suspension period.

While all the staff and coaches of Manchester City are also closed during the quarantine process continues. There is one Manchester City player who was allegedly suffering from a corona virus, he is defender Benjamin Mendy. However after the examination, the French player was declared Negative.

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