Manchester United must sign Harry Kane?

Louis Saha considered that it would be very stupid if Manchester United finally missed the opportunity to recruit England national team striker, Harry Kane. According to him, the 26-year-old is the last piece needed by Solskjaer’s troops next season.

Actually, it has been since the summer transfer market that Harry Kane has been linked with Manchester United. Moreover, at that time the Red Devils lost their mainstay striker, Romelu Lukaku who moved to Inter Milan.

But as we know, Harry Kane finally survived at White Hart Lane. However, this fact does not necessarily drown the rumors to leave. Indeed, lately speculation about the future of the striker continues to be a byword in British media.

Especially after the controversial statement that was said by the player some time ago. At that time, Kane claimed that he would open up the possibility of joining other clubs that better guarantee the title.

Naturally, the article of the British National Team player had never tasted the championship trophy for costumed Tottenham Hotspur. While on the other hand, its performance on the front lines is recognized by many parties.

He successfully became a Tottenham Hotspur Gol machine, Kane has even twice become the top scorer of the English Premier League. It doesn’t seem to matter if the player wants a title which he cannot achieve if he stays at the North London club.

Louis Saha himself admits that he really admires Kane, for that would be very stupid if there was a club that ignored the opportunity to recruit the player.

“When you talk about Harry Kane. He is a decent striker. “When you see how many goals he scored each season, I would be foolish not to consider them,” he told Compare Bet.

Saha saw Harry Kane similar to former Manchester United striker mainstay, Robin Van Persie.

“We need a guaranteed 30-goal striker who is able to create some magic from nothing, like what Van Persie can do, remove the burden of having to play well as a team,”

“This is what won the title. There are six to eight teams competing at the top, plus, there are so many qualities everywhere now, you also need competition in the team,” said Saha.

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