Maradona denies Alzheimer’s rumours

Diego Maradona looked so rosy, when he denied all accusations that he was suffering from a deadly disease called Alzheimer’s. This Argentine national team soccer legend feels very red when some media try to explore their current physical condition.

In mid-June of 2019, Maradona must complete his mission as coach of the Mexican soccer team, Dorados for health reasons. This situation then led to a lot of gossip and not infrequently the media said that Maradona had a brain nerve disorder.

Disease also leads to symptoms of Alzheimer’s, which is memory loss. Knowing the buzz of the gossip, Maradona did not accept all the allegations that came out. The 58-year-old issued a rebuttal through the video uploaded on his personal Instagram account.

“My hearing says that it is crowded with Alzheimer’s. They lie. They talk about Alzheimer’s and they don’t know what that means. The word Alzheimer’s is really a terrible word. People who suffer from Alzheimer of course will die. I am not dying,” Maradona said.

“All of this was created just to create confusion. I don’t make confusion, “he concluded.

His true justification was conveyed directly by Maradona’s lawyer, Matias Morla, who publicly leaked the reason Maradona had resigned from the Dorados coach seat. The health reason meant here is that Maradona will have surgery on his shoulder, not because of brain disorders or Alzheimer’s.

2018 Russia World Cup yesterday attracted the attention of the world, and Maradona was the actor. Through many media, Maradona reportedly impressed a heart attack when watching a match between Argentina and Nigeria which ended with the victory of Lionel Messi CS 2-0.

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