Marc Marquez confirmed out of Austrian MotoGP series

Repsol Honda rider, Marc Marquez, was previously rumored will appear in the Austrian MotoGP series, aka the fourth series tomorrow. However, this news is refuted, the 27-year-old racer is not fit enough to return to paving.

An accident was experienced by a racer from Spain at turn 3 of the Jerez Circuit, in the first MotoGP series this season, last Sunday (19/07). As a result of the accident, the eight-time world champion had to enter the operation room, because he broke his humerus.

Reportedly, Marc Marquez did his surgery at the Dexeus Universitari Hospital, Barcelona, ​​two days after the accident. An operation was performed to implant one titanium plate and 12 screws to attach the broken bone.

Unexpectedly, Marc Marquez was completely fit and fit two days after the operation, even he was declared ready to compete in the second Series. But, in the end, he chose to be absent, because he still felt pain in his arm.

As a result, Alex Marquez’s older brother had to postpone his comeback until the third series at the Brno Circuit, Czech Republic. But ahead of the race, the plate implanted in the rider’s arm broke after trying to open a large window in his house.

As a result of the incident, Marc Marquez had to undergo surgery again on the same day, and was also handled by the MotoGP Traumatology Specialist, dr. Xavier Mir.

His condition has not recovered yet, so he will certainly not be able to appear in the Austrian MotoGP series at this weekend.

Surprisingly, the Honda Racing Club still keep quiet about when Marquez will be back on the race. This 27-year-old rider is also rumored to be difficult, if he must race in the MotoGP Styria on 21-23 August.

Obviously, this is quite a real loss for Marc Marquez, who has gone through four races this season. Especially on the one hand, Honda also doesn’t have another mainstay this season, they appointed Stefan Bradl as Test Rider to replace Marc temporarily.

Meanwhile, Alex Marquez, who has partnered with his brother this season in the Repsol Honda Team, is still having trouble achieving consistent results.

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