Marc Marquez has undergone a third surgery in Madrid

Honda Racing Corporation has confirmed that the operation of their three flagship riders, Marc Marquez, has been going well without any obstacles. The operation itself took place in the City of Madrid.

The racer from Spain is indeed unlucky in the MotoGP event this season. How come? Only when the first series took place at the Jerez Circuit, he immediately had a fatal accident which resulted in a fracture of his humerus.

He recovered quickly and was planned to play in the second series in Andalusia, but after free practice, Marquez actually experienced excruciating pain in his arm, he was canceled to come down.

Then on August 3, ahead of the Czech GP, the public was shocked by the news that Marc Marquez’s injury was getting worse. The plate attached to his arm broke after he tried to open a window in his house.

Since the incident, Marc Marquez’s condition has gotten worse and finally he also agreed not to participate in MotoGP 2020 on the grounds that he wanted to focus on recovering so that he would be fit in the upcoming MotoGP 2021.

Previously, there was news that Marc Marquez would undergo a third operation. This news was denied by Honda, but now they have confirmed the news.

Meanwhile, Honda Racing Corporation explained that the third operation which took place in Madrid was carried out to replace the new plate on his arm.

Not only that, the third operation also performed a bone grafting process.

“Marc Marquez has undergone a third operation on his right arm due to the slow recovery of the humerus bone, which has not improved with the specific shock wave treatment.”

“Today, the rider underwent surgery at Hospital Ruber Internacional, Madrid, for pseudarthrosis of the right humeral bone.”

“This operation is done to take the plate that was previously implanted and put a new plate, with the addition of a corticoperiosteal iliac bone graft. The operation lasted eight hours and went well.” This is the official statement of Honda Racing Corporation.

Meanwhile, Marc Marquez’s absence at the 2020 MotoGP made the competition to become a champion even tighter, but in the end it was won by Suzuki Elctar Rider, Alex Rins.

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