Marc Marquez no guarantee will retire at Honda

MotoGP observer Carlo Pernat believes that Marc Marquez will not continue to be a Repsol Honda rider until the end of his career, even though he has agreed on a long-term 4-year contract.

For information, Marc Marquez has been a Japanese Manufacturing rider since the relevant diving debut in MotoGP in 2013 ago. The combination of the Spanish Rider with the Repsol Honda Team seemed to work very well.

The proof, the 27-year-old rider managed to become a world champion six times from the last 7 seasons in the MotoGP event. Naturally the slick notes made other Ducati classmates repeatedly try to get Marquez’s autograph.

Ducati several times openly expressed their interest in the Spanish Rider. However, unfortunately Marc Marquez always refused when there was an offer made by an Italian manufacturer, he instead decided to stay at Honda.

In fact, at the start of this year, Marc Marquez surprisingly agreed to a four-year contract with a single wing manufacturer. In fact, it is the longest contract in the history of MotoGP that makes the rider will continue to survive until the year 2024.

However, Carlo Pernat is not sure Marquez will continue to stay in the Honda Repsol Team, he believes the rider is inspired by Valentino Rossi who managed to become a world champion with other manufacturers.

“In 2015, Ducati and Phillip Morris wanted it, but after what happened in Malaysia with Valentino Rossi the plan was canceled. I think Marquez wants to win another motorcycle because Valentino did it. ” Pernat said to GPOne.

For information, Valentino Rossi has managed to become a world champion on seven occasions. The Doctor won the world edition in three editions while riding a Honda motorcycle, while the other four titles were won with the current Manufacturer, Yamaha.

However, at this time the number 46 rider is at the end of his career. The Rider is 42 years old and next season will no longer be part of Yamaha’s Monster Energy Team. But he is still reluctant to retire and reportedly will defend the Yamaha SRT Petronas Team next season.

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