Marcello Lippi shares his view about the current version of Juventus

Although it has been a long time since leaving Turin, Marcello Lippi is still following Juventus’ development. In fact, he recently shared his opinion about the current condition of his former club.

As is known, Marcello Lippi handled Juventus in two different periods, namely 1994 to 1999 and 2001 to 2004. After finishing handling Juvenuts, Lippi then coached the Italian national team, where in 2006 he brought Gli Azzurri to become world champion.

During his career as Juventus coach, Lippi was classified as one of the most successful because he presented a total of 13 championships in all competitions, including one of the European Champions League in 1996.

Since leaving Turin in 2004 until now, Lippi has never had any direct contact with Juventus. Even so, the tactician has kept abreast of the development of the former until now.

Juventus itself is currently “shaky”, where they have not been able to win the top of the standings from Inter Milan and are in 4th place with 42 points.

The defeat to Napoli last weekend also made Juventus’ chances to defend the Scudetto even smaller.

According to Lippi, this situation is normal, considering Juventus is being handled by a new manager, Andrea Pirlo, who has come up with new ideas.

“Juventus still have to find their identity, they have changed drastically and haven’t had the opportunity to try new things, except in league matches,” Lippi told Radio 1.

It’s just that Lippi does not automatically win Juventus as the main candidate for the Italian Serie A champions this season, because the other four teams also appear solid and have enough chances to break the Bianconneri’s domination.

“This is a strange season. There are Inter who already have 50 points to Roma with 43 points, and Napoli and Juventus who still have one game postponed. Four-five clubs will be candidates for champions until the end,” he continued.

Likewise with the European Champions League, according to Lippi there are currently two candidate teams to win, they are City and Bayern.

“I think Bayern Munich and Manchester City are slightly superior to the other teams,” he concluded.

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