Marcelo dilemma: survive or leave Madrid?

As a senior player, Marcelo began to feel a big dilemma in his career at Real Madrid. Marcelo claimed to have begun to see the possibility of leaving Madrid and ended his career as a professional player in Brazil.

Referring to his capacity as a Madrid player, Marcelo’s name was clearly very meritorious for the achievement of the many titles achieved by them. The proof is that throughout his current career, Marcelo always has the confidence to play as a core player and succeed in carrying out his duties very well.

The beautiful season began to be eliminated, where Marcelo had to wrestle with injuries and his performance began to decline. As a result, his position as
full Madrid left back was replaced by a 21-year-old young player, Sergio Reguilon.

Investigated, this situation began to be felt hot by Marcelo and the possibility of leaving Madrid was very open. Marcelo reportedly got a tantalizing offer by the club Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus.

Seeing the situation that happened, Ronaldo also played a role by inviting his former teammate to Italian Serie A. If you correctly accept the Juventus offer, it is not impossible that Marcelo will be the main defender of the Italian championship.

Marcelo’s dilemma increasingly became when the news said he met with Madrid president Jose Angel Sanchez. In his meeting, Marcelo was said to begin to feel hot by being in a reserve. Big hopes from the player he wants to return to his position as Madrid’s main defender.

Marcelo himself is rumored to have opened a voice, where he acknowledged the invitation from Ronaldo. He admitted that if the situation does not change, then the offer thrown by Juventus will be received in the summer. The Marcelo contract with Madrid will only end in the upcoming 2022 season.

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