Marchisio Terangan-Terangan Ejek Rekor Free Kick Ronaldo di Juventus

Marchisio Openly Ridicules Ronaldo’s Free-kick Record At Juventus

One of the former Juventus players, Claudio Marchisio highlighted the free-kick statistics of his former club’s new star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Openly, Marchisio even mocked the Portuguese mega star’s poor record regarding the execution of the free kick.

Cristiano Ronaldo mulai bergabung dengan Juventus pada bursa transfer musim panas tahun 2018 lalu, saat itu dia dibeli dari Real Madrid lewat tebusan tak kurang dari 100 Juta Euro. Sejak bergabung, eks Manchester United langsung jadi mesin gol andalan bagi Bianconneri.

In fact, in his third season as a Juventus player, Ronaldo has scored 90 goals in 117 appearances in all competitions, this number of course surpassing the record 90 goals of the Bianconneri legends.

This season alone, Ronaldo has scored 18 goals in the Italian Serie A and leads the temporary top scorer list of the competition.

This season, Ronaldo has scored 18 goals in the Italian Serie A and leads the temporary top scorer list of the competition.

However, there is an unpleasant fact amidst these impressive statistics, none other than the matter of free kicks. Yes, the fact is that Cristiano Ronaldo has only scored one goal through the free kick scheme, aka Free Kick.

Meanwhile, the goal itself was created in the Derby Della Mole match against Torino in July 2020. In fact, it was the 44th free-kick the Portuguese player has executed since landing in Turin.

Well, this fact turned out to make Claudio Marchisio feel unhappy, he also publicly mocked Cristiano Ronaldo via his personal Twitter account.

“Apart from the free kicks, Cristiano Ronaldo is still SCARY in the last 25 meters !!!” he wrote.

Not to forget, Marchisio complemented it with a laugh emoji which showed that the taunt was only meant to be a joke.

Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo’s statistics about Free Kick have decreased in the last few years even since he was still wearing a Real Madrid shirt. Whereas in the past, he was recognized as one of the executors of the most dangerous free kicks in the world.

Even while still wearing a Manchester United shirt, Ronaldo scored 13 goals from free kicks, and at Real Madrid he scored 32 goals in the same way.

Not only that, 10 Free Kick goals were also collected by the superstar while wearing the Portugal national team costume.

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