Marcos Rojo’s holiday leaves lot of horror stories behind the mysterious death?

In moments of pre-season holidays, it is certain to be an opportunity for world soccer stars to spend time with their family or beloved lovers to do vacation. One opportunity was shown by Manchester United defender, Marcos Rojo.

Interestingly here, is how Rojo’s hopes of getting a memorable vacation were far from these positive expectations. His vacation with family in the Caribbean Islands must be terrorized by the mysterious death that befell a number of tourists who were recorded as having vacationed there.

Based on a true story that is expanding, since May 2019, at least three tourists from the United States were found dead in the hotel room where Rojo and his family stayed. It is known that the three tourists named Miranda Schaup-Werner (41 years) died, on May 25 after allegedly drinking until drunk from the mini bar in the Bahia Principe La Romana hotel room.

Not long ago, two couples from Maryland, named Edward Holmes (63) and Cynthia Day (49) also died. Both were also found at the same resort in a lifeless state. The case had actually been a threat to the Rojo family and until finally the most frightening thing was the death of Robert Bell Wallace.

Tourists known to have originated from America were killed at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino hotel in Punta Cana, 11 April 2019. Incidentally, Marcos Rojo and his family also stayed at this luxury hotel while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. No different from the other three tourists, Wallace’s death together left a mystery.

Allegation while the victim had blood urination after a whisky drink from the fridge in his room. Wallace actually got first aid with the hospital to go down, but after three days of getting treatment there his life was not helped.

Interestingly here, when Rojo appeared to be unaware of the horror case that had occurred. Because Rojo and his family had felt like staying at the hotel for two days. Evidently, Rojo and his family posted themselves fishing on a private Instagram account.

According to information from the authorities, the Dominican Republic authorities who had conducted intensive inspections of the four tourists said they found no irregularities. According to them, the tourists died naturally. Nevertheless, Rojo finally decided to leave the hotel and look for a new lodging place to get the security and comfort of a vacation.

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