Marcus Rashford Has the Potential to Retire Earlier than Others

Marcus Rashford may be in the spotlight of many people following his brilliant performance along with the Premier League giants, Manchester United, especially the age of this England National Team player is still very young 21 years. However, according to former England coach, Sam Allardyce, Rashford will not last until the age of 32 years and will retire earlier than other players, why is that?

Marcus Rashford, 21 years old, has been known to the public since his appearance with Manchester United in 2015, which at that time the Red Devils were still handled by Louis Van Gaal. Because of the talent he has, Rashford continues to be a mainstay of Manchester United. There has been a fluctuating performance that Rashford has shown over the past few years, but despite that, he is one of the talented young players in Europe and maybe even in the world today.

Since playing under the direction of the interim manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Rashford’s performance has increased very rapidly, no wonder his name is back to being a public conversation. The former England National Team coach, Sam Allardyce, was also interested in talking about Rashford. In his view, the 21-year-old has the potential to retire earlier than other players. The reason is because a variety of things start from pressure, a more dense match schedule in the UK, and also the risk of getting more injuries. That is also the reason why very few English players over 31 years are still playing in England.

“It might be difficult to play at age 31, this is all because of demands physically and mentally. He will suffer from fatigue. He will be brilliant in three years, but that’s all. He will play in all corners of the world because now there is no preseason, the players immediately appear in tournaments. ”

“He will play for England in the summer, and may only get three weeks on vacation. With a pattern like this, I think at the age of 25 problems will arise. If there are no major injuries to the knee and ankle, there may be obstacles on the hips and back. Looking at it now, quite a few players over the age of 30 are circulating in the Premier League, “Allardyce said to talkSPORT.

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