Mario Mandzukic loves Juventus very much

Although Juventus have landed Cristiano Ronaldo this summer, the Croatian striker, Mario Mandzukic is irreplaceable in Bianconneri’s main squad. Had rumored to be leaving in the summer, in fact, Mandzukic’s transfer agent Ivan Cvjetkovic confirmed that his client loved Juventus very much.

Mario Mandzukic joined Juventus in the 2015 summer transfer window, after being redeemed from Atletico Madrid. Since then, the former Bayern Munich player was immediately a Bianconneri mainstay, even he helped Juventus reach the final of the European Champions League in 2017 and scored a spectacular goal in the match.

However, the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo had raised the issue of his departure this summer. Mandzukic reportedly will not get a place in the Juventus’ first team, because Allegri still prefer Dybala and Ronaldo. But, Mandzukic received a call from the manager who denied the news. This was revealed by the transfer agent of the player, Ivan Cvjetkovic, making his clients more and more in love with Juventus, having previously only felt Bianconneri as a stopover from his career.

“His relationship with Allegri is very strong. I give you one background: Croatian national team success advanced to the World Cup final, in part because of the Juventus coach. Before Mario left, Allegri called and said to him: “Don’t listen to these rumors, [club management] speaks to me and I tell them that you are irreplaceable for me”.”

“When Mario landed in Turin, he was certainly proud of being able to wear the Juventus’ jersey, but he felt this might only be a stopover in his career. After three seasons, Mario fell in love with Juve, the club, and his tifos. Maybe before just at Bayern Munich he felt loved and convinced, but now at Juve, he feels something more,” said Cvjetkovic, as quoted by Calciomercato.

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